I’ve been busy with my new side business, Paper Lantern Designs.  It’s a freelance design studio, an idea which has been in my dream for over 10 years.  10 years ago, I attempted to do some freelance design work; logo was created, business cards were printed.  But I never try very hard to get work.  As I get to know web design more, I realize it’s my true love.  Using internet as a canvas is truly fasinating. 

After leaving my old job as a full time webmaster, I was despressed for a long time. I was so sad that a promotion was not available to keep me at that post; I was so sad that I could not develop websites; I was so sad to leave the people I like.  The good things about job changing are being closer to home and making tiny more more money.

I need to do something positive and stop feeling sad.

My husband pretty much supports whatever I want do.  Last week a friend asked if I could set up a website for a friend.  Gee! Opportunity was knocking!  It was a hint!  I should put dream into reality!

  • Friday night: bought a new laptop;
  • Saturday: signed up with a website hosting company and got a domain name;
  • Sunday: PaperLanterDesigns.com is on the web;
  • Monday: met with the new client;
  • Tuesday morning: a 2-page proposal was sent;
  • Tuesday afternoon: bank account was set up;
  • Tuesday night: client okay the proposal;
  • Today is Wednesday: plan to set up a PayPal account so payment can be sent via web.

Things are happening fast!  However, some ideas have been in the planning stage for a long time.  All that was missing was putting them into action. 

Family and friends are happy for me!  And the most of all, I am VERY happy!!  Go!!!  Go!!!


剛剛看了SS小燕之夜 2010-11-01 改變你一生的黑氏教育(tw.sugoitw.com/ss-2010-11-01/),覺得黑幼龍說的一些東西很有意思。可以去看看,思索一下。

黑幼龍 www.wretch.cc/blog/johnhei

卡內基 Dale Carnegie Training Taiwan  www.carnegie.com.tw

I’m Sick…

Temperture has dropped and I’m sick.  Took some Day Quail this morning and I’m so “not able to focus” now.  I’ve been taking many medical leaves for kids’ medical appointments lately.   And that has made my manager raising her eye brows.  Therefore, even thought I’m not at my 100% but I have to stay at work.

1 Parent Household

We are playing “1 parent household” for 10 days.  Kids are very cooporative, and helpful.  Saturday morning is the busiest time for me because kids have schools in different cities.  It is a lot of driving in a huge circle but we manage.

Educational Website

Found a website called www.brightstorm.com.  It has many videos for math, science and test preps.  It is so much easier to learn now.  Hope my children treasure this great resource.

New Website

I’m building a new website which includes many resources to help my children with their school work.  Its address is  http://wuweefamily.wordpress.com/.

Volunteer Work

I have been looking for weekend volunteer work for Peipei.  Not many work are suitable for teens.  On top of that, she needs to do something related to “homeless or hunger”.  In addition, I would hope she can work in Alameda County.  Even thought, it’s her “work”, since she is a minor, a parent (ME) would need to work with her.  Well, parents need to set good examples for kids.  So, let’s look at the list and our calendar, where should we work in the next few months??!!


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